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It’s game day and the adrenaline level is in your hands with Royalty Free Sports Music from SmartSound! Thirteen action-packed albums pump up the excitement, putting your viewers right in the middle of the game. Heck, the album names alone are enough to get you out on the playing field, even if just in spirit: Main Event, Competitive Edge, Full Throttle, Extreme Sports.

Driving rock provides high-grade fuel for High Octane to pass the finish line in any action or competition footage. Sports footage medleys get the raw, rockin’ style they need in Protest. A high electronic counterpoint to brooding rock background keeps you riveted in Revenge, — use it for story-telling and action scenes in Sports, Video Games, and Action-Drama.

Album Light Speed puts a charge in your production with ultra high-tech rock; live guitars and mechanical rhythms set these Rock-style tracks apart. Irresistible guitar groove teamed with tight percussion edges up Sports and Action-Drama sequences in pulsating Hold On. Build up tension for kick-offs of all kinds with incessant, hard-charging Go For It, and when you need the music to head into the background for a minute, bring out light, positive Day Ride.

Featured Royalty Free Sports Music

Hold On

Go For It



Quest For Glory

Olympic Moments takes a different direction — uplifting orchestral cues designed with video journalism in mind provide backgrounds for world stage sporting events, training videos and the back stories on athletes. Confident Quest for Glory typifies this album’s tone; inspiring, majestic and full of anticipation. Feel-good Rock/Pop Band track How Can You Go keeps you enticed to stay to the end for a seemingly hopeless, but still possible, last-minute victory. They say unlike any other stimulus, music affects all parts of the brain. That’s why music is prime for creating revved-up moods and feelings in a heartbeat. I happen to hail from the low-testosterone gender, once very «no comprendo» with sports mania. But when I heard that men get a rush from watching conflicts, even if they’re not participating, precisely because of all that testosterone, it finally made sense. Take advantage of SmartSound’s high-octane Sports Music selection to enhance your viewers’ sports rush to the max! SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy

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