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Despite its name, Royalty Free Trance Music isn’t just for Halloween. The style developed in the 1990’s as part of many electronic genres most at home on the dance club scene. Growing originally out of disco roots, electronic music got gradually faster and more minimalist, giving dancers the opportunity to merge with the repetitive melodies into their own trance in motion.

Featured Royalty Free Trance Music

Perpetual Need

Alternate Reality

Say It Again

Intergalactic Trance

Trance Express

From the vibrant Club Scene album, slick, sexy Miami Lounge exhibits the characteristic Drum & Bass/Electronica sound of Trance. Commercials, Reality TV and Video Games and any scene needing a cool current chill out to this Synthesizer Track. Pulsating Intergalactic Trance from the same album emphasizes the heavy beat. Maybe you’ll put this one to use for Halloween after all, at the haunted house; its musical arrangement choices include «Creepy,» «Haunting,» and «Deja vu.» One of the Instrument Mix choices for these two songs, «Breakdown,» brings in an option characteristic of Trance Music, i.e., a mid-song segment where orchestration and rhythm break down (are suspended) for a few seconds to a few minutes. Only electronic atmospherics or melody remain for the breakdown, after which everything rejoins the song for the climax. Trance can go passionate and sensual as well, as in downtempo Bliss, from Midnight Moods. Mellow and calm, this track intoxicates and soothes for a sulty background with trance-like undercurrents. Big Thing from Climate Control, also waxes mellow, but with a pulsating beat. Delayed guitar gives a space-age feel, and Big Thing backs up Training videos, Science, and Spoken Word/Narration productions with a chilled backdrop, both expansive and subdued. International themes have picked up Trance style in tracks such as spirited Break Trance, from World Tour. World-beat Acoustic Guitar, and Ethnic Flute add exciting counterpoints to a techno foundation, for Documentary, Travel, Home Videos and Corporate/Industrial Footage. Though less than twenty years old, Trance music has struck a chord, so to speak, finding a home wherever fast-paced, futuristic musical qualities are in order. SmartSound’s Royalty Free Trance Music can take you from the dance floor and fashion runways, to urban montage, science, and corporate projects with a smooth, insistent beat that keeps it current. SmartSound is Royalty Free Music made easy!

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