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Travel always sounds like a trip, so to speak, during the planning stages, and it even turns out that way sometimes in the execution, but with SmartSound’s Upbeat Travel Royalty Free Music, your travelers will always arrive in style and have a blast.

Featured Royalty Free Upbeat Travel Music

Cat’s Cradle

Snazzy Samba

Street Level

Global Partners

Mary Ann

Imagine an Irish bar with everyone line dancing in Riverdance style to the fiddle.  Someone’s beating away on a snare drum in the background.  That’s Cat’s Cradle from Celtic Adventures, a delightful everyone-join-in-‘cause-you-can’t-resist kind of song.  It’s definitely a place you want to stop by for a pint in your travels. 

From Kool Kitch, check out the quirky vocals in Snazzy Samba that keep busting in periodically to state “I knew that boy was crazy!  Look at him go.”  Latin Band meets funk in a smooth, driving fusion perfect for Home Videos or Commercials.  The boy in question won’t be anything less than crazy like a fox!

The travel’s closer to home at Street Level in the heart of downtown Funky Country.  Bluesy organ wails it while the troops strut around, and a slammin good time is had by all.

Ethnic Infusion’s world-flavored Global Partners is versatile enough to serve on the Corporate/Industrial board of a multi-national company, and add exotic flair to Corporate Communications while maintaining a background subtlety.

Caribbean all the way, Mary Ann from Blue Waters skips out into the world complete with steel drums, and pennywhistle.  It tells a cozy, if tropical tale.  Dress up a carefree Travel video or movie with a lot of beach action going on with this upbeat, refreshing track.  Can anyone say, “Don’t worry.  Be happy”?

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