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Sweet Dreams

Sad memories are food for the soul and scoring scenes with sad music often lends an air of tragedy or depression to it. Unless there are a bunch of robots in your audience, scoring scenes with sad music might elicit a tear or two along with lonely, helpless, tender or even apocalyptic feelings.

Featured Sad Background Music

Alone at Last

We Won’t Forget

Last Seen


The Only One

Springsteen wrote killer anthems that tugged at the heartstrings of America as in The River, and McCartney poured his heart into the sad song Yesterday. The classic Long, Long Time by Linda Ronstadt with its heart-wrenching lyrics of love lost will stir hearts for years to come. Sad music is often the ticket needed as it conveys powerful emotional experiences through the music and surprisingly, sad songs make some people feel happy, and well others, just love sad music, period.

Sad Stories

Alone at Last on Narration Backgrounds II is a gently moving tune that calms and lulls the spirit with its pensive, sad and touching orchestral music. In the style of a lyrical ballad, Alone at Last adds an eerie, dramatic and mysterious tone to the track. The album also boasts We Won’t Forget, a dramatic, haunting and melancholy tune with sad, poignant and hopeful strings and piano leading a gentle charge.

The album Dramatic Stories is a champ with a collection of provocative and memorable tracks ideal for storytelling or an emotional narrative. Last Seen adds a sad, solemn, dark and introspective mood to this track ideal for cinematic expression, a short or Indie film. Wishful Thinking deals up sad, reflective, uncertain music with soft instrumentals for an atmospheric, hypnotic feel. The melancholy music found on this album is idela background music for pensive, reflective scenes.

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Sometimes on the album Questionable Motives is an emotionally touching song with soft piano and gentle strings that create a melancholy, sad and touching track. The whole album soars with subtle and thought-provoking music including The Only One, a sad, somber track with desolate, haunting and sinister thrills.

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