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Sad songs have a certain stoicism to them, a sense of forebearing and strength to get through the hardest things life throws at us.  SmartSound’s collection of Sad Royalty Free Music does justice to the dignity and courage of those bear it and remain upright.

Featured Sad Royalty Free Music

Fragile Dream

Nostalgic Waltz

Have You Seen Delilah



Fragile Dream manages to sound both sad and uplifting at the same time; a backdrop to solemnity that does not utterly cast down, like seeing an elderly loved one finally released from a painful terminal illness.  It could also describe the first stirrings of hope after a long, sad time such as a protracted war.  Use this poignant track from Tender Moments for Tribute/Memorial, Religion or Nature footage.

With a much slower tempo Nostalgic Waltz, also found in Tender Moments, pairs sparse but strong piano melody with quieter strings.  Ethereal and reflective this track backs up pensive moments that occur even in the midst of a crowd, such as in Wedding scenes, or Spoken Word/Narration pieces. 

Jesse Smith and Blind Optimism deliver a dark Indie Artist near-dirge called Have You Seen Delilah.  Sultry vocals from Jesse Smith speak of a tortured soul caught in a hopeless devotion to a cruel lover.  Indie Films and Home Videos portraying a hopeless time-in-the-life-of, are good candidates for this extra-sad track.

Somber, pulsating bed Vice from Urban Drama speaks of the relentless dreariness of life deliberately lived on the dark side.  A downtempo TV/Film Drama track featuring bassoon, this brooding song also stands out for a sad-to-be film trailer. 

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From Inspiring Beauty comes the sad song’s sad song, Elegy, named for a poetic form of reflection often describing grief for the dead.  Oboe and electric piano join the orchestra to describe melancholy drama in cinematic scale, the build-up to war, the sendoff of an emigrant one may never see again, a sea change in the serious tenor of one’s life.

Use Sad Royalty Free music for poignant and solemn scenes.  SmartSound’s collection is intense and rich, not for the merely mildly melancholy.

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