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Vocal LoveTime Never Met from the album The Jade Element features an emotional and upbeat tune with an urban feel and soulful vocal lines of love. Time Never Met feels warm and sensual as it’s propelled by light guitar and delicate piano. Also check out Romance Divino on the Indie Film Fest album. This seductive track idles along with the ideal arrangement of guitar, percussion and light strings. It’s emotionally appealing with an upbeat, urban groove that’s sensual and soulful. Also consider Juliet is only Sleeping from Jesse Smith and Blind with a classic pop-rock feel and story of sad love. Juliet enjoys a mellow acoustic guitar and touching emotional vocals.

Latin LoversPop up the Scoville Heat Scale with sensual and snappy Latin music from the album Spanish Heart whose 10 delicious tracks will tantalize you beginning with Lights of Madrid—a fast and furious Flamenco track that’s confident, exotic and sensual as is Spanish Getaway featuring an alluring Spanish guitar and Latin Band that creates an energetic, uplifting and punchy tune. Calm it down with Quiet Interlude, an intimate and relaxed ballad with a sensual guitar that belies a romantic encounter. This album has everything you love about Latin music—romantic, tender, sensual and always exotic.

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