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Enrich the luxurious atmosphere of your video project with Sensual Royalty Free Music from SmartSound.  Whether the scene calls for sad and reflective, or relaxed and cheerful, yet touching, the SmartSound Advantage allows you to strike the perfect balance.  Latin elements and instruments naturally lend themselves to this genre, but Jazz and R&B have their part to play as well.

Featured Sensual Royalty Free Romantic Music

Altered Realms

Background One

Beautiful Paradise

Beauty And The Beat

Crusty Grace

From Indie Film Fest comes a versatile romantic track, Romance Divino, which manages to imbue either a Western or a Latin flavor to the proceedings.  If the dancers in your scene need to take a break from tango or salsa, this mellow song provides the vehicle.  Acoustic guitar, percussion and strings create the ambience for TV/Film Drama, or even a quiet, serious moment in a Comedy/Drama. 

The soulful voice of Rebecca Curtis (Jade Element) is the epitome of sensual; and melancholy Carried Away-JE is perfect for accenting urban TV/Film Drama.  Strings, heavy drums and electric bass add to the dramatic R&B/Soul mood.  Use Smartsound’s mood mapping to highlight the voice and let the drums fade to the background for a sophisticated variation.

“I know better days are coming yet” sums up the tone of Move On, also from Jade Element.  Slick, shimmering piano and sexy strings create a groovy percussive beat with jazz highlights.  The words themselves move on from melancholy and pensive to upbeat ‘making a fresh start’ emotion. 

Latin Band music can’t help but be sensual, as with Distant Shores, from Spanish Heart.  Create an international atmosphere with this dreamy, exotic selection.  Travel videos and intrigue movies are a perfect location for the World-style theme.

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Underlay a romantic dinner for two in a Spanish or Latin American country with Island Secrets, from A Change of Seasons.  Indie and Pop elements keep the music general enough to avoid interfering with the most enjoyable conversation, while encouraging the romantic atmosphere in a soothing, relaxed way.

Sensual Royalty Free Romantic Music from SmartSound creates a feast for the senses.  Orchestral, piano, strings, and vocal contributions add the dimension of ‘virtual touch,’ letting you feel the emotion and beat of the happy, and maybe-a-little-bit-scared hearts that beat within.

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