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Romance, intrigue and mystery are all just a click away with SmartSound’s unique collection of royalty-free background music. Soft Film Trailer Music is ideal for emotional or poignant scenes and allows the viewer to fill in the spaces between the soft instrumentals. If background tracks with enormously rich drums and pounding keys were used in an earthy, heartwarming or relaxed scene, the director’s message would obviously be lost. So check out a few fantastic options for Soft Film Trailer Music and get ready to customize it your way with SmartSound.

Featured Soft, Film Trailer Music

Brand New Day-YS

Cleaner And Leaner

Earth Works

Conscious Consumption

Twilight Rooftops

It’s an Orchestral Drama

Brand New Day-YS from the album Orchestral Drama—Light and Dark (PS65) is a classically sweet orchestral composition. Piano thrills and soft instrumentals lend a delicate and tender touch to this soft and melancholic tune created to enhance dramatic scenes needing a tender or romantic vibe.

Everyone’s Going Green

Light and easy tracks abound from Going Green with Cleaner And Leaner featuring a bouncy, bright piano beat and light percussion. The track is simple and light and scenes in need of soft background music will appreciate the cool, earthy feel of Cleaner and Leaner as much as they will from Earth Works. Earth Works has an earthy, yet modern nature that’s refreshing, heartwarming and reminiscent of a gentle, tranquil breeze. Music that elicits the reaction necessary to drive a production forward can be found in these simple, soft songs.

Conscious Consumption

Going Green continues to deliver Soft Film Trailer Music with Conscious Consumption—a simple, easygoing track with awesome acoustic guitars, bass and some snappy drum side-sticking in a syncopated beat. Conscious Consumption is soft and earthy with the added bonus of its positive, hopeful, slap-happy kind of feel as pulsating instrumentals add a positive and refreshing flavor to the track.

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Still on the Prowl?

Check out the album Amotz Plessner & Friends, volume 2, and listen to Twilight Rooftops. We like Twilight Rooftops for its calm, subdued backdrop great for scenes of curiosity and wonder. Its soft instrumentals are soothing, yet hypnotic as the music lends an angelic, mystical air to the emotion of a scene. This soft and dramatic track is ideal for a documentary or film trailer.

There are loads of options within SmartSound’s royalty-free background track library and Soft Film Trailer Music will enhance your project. We consider every scene and project earnestly, whether it requires a memorable 15-second clip or a full orchestra for a cinematic production. You’ll find what you need with SmartSound.

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