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Soft guitar music adds intimacy and serenity to scenes yearning for tranquility. Indulgent, soothing guitars offer the ideal background music for beautiful, calming or relaxing scenes as well as intimate, romantic and meditative scenes. Gentle acoustic guitars, coupled with piano and light percussion deal a sentimental hand to tender scenes. Soft guitar music fills in the dialogue’s blanks with mystical, soothing or spirited tenderness as gentle guitar strings express dramatic and emotional stories.

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Recent Accomplishment

Conscious Consumption

Cleaner and Leaner

A Champion’s Start


InspiringThe album Positive Biz, volume 2 has several soft guitar tracks including Gratitude-PL, a soothing acoustic guitar track with a serene, tranquil feel that’s uplifting and inspiring. Gratitude-PL moves confidently and comfortably and is ideal for outdoor, nature, pop rock or product videos. Another winner is Recent Accomplishment which is a bit bigger as light guitars open this confident, effervescent and motivating track. It offers a light but rapid beat perfect for positive, confident scenes.

Go GreenConscious Consumption on the light, easy and infectious album Going Green is a crisp, simple track inspiring an easy-going feel with acoustic guitar, light percussion and bass. It’s an earthy, atmospheric and hopeful tune with a slight New Age mellow feel. Going Green’s track Cleaner and Leaner pulses with a simple backdrop of cool, light, refreshing and motivating music. Simple, breezy tunes like Cleaner and Leaner add drama and serenity to quiet, hopeful scenes.

The Captivating Portraits album is rife with atmospheric and haunting melodies, including A Champion’s Start with a gentle, acoustic guitar leading a mesmerizing, ethereal composition that’s angelic, tender, emotional and poignant. Uilleann pipes add a folkloric feel to A Champion’s Start that’s gentle, heartwarming and inspiring.

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No matter the style of soft guitar music you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in the SmartSound library. We offer customizable, royalty free, background music tracks that will make your production sparkle all the way to the awards podium.

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