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Strings and piano dominate SmartSound’s Somber Royalty Free Music offerings. Serious, poignant, and lyrical they offer the dignified musical backing for the saddest scenes in your repertoire, the ones that show your video is grounded in real life in all its variations.  

Whether for Action-Drama, or some scene of poignant retrospective March of Remembrance from album Narration Backgrounds II, keeps up an orchestral, serious pace.  Strings, and sparse but heavy percussion create the ominous mood of inevitability.

Parlour Games produced Piano Adagio to fill the need for subdued solemnity in Biographies or Short Films.  Chamber Group, piano and strings join for the melancholy backdrop in variations like Sermon, Grieve, and Pause.  Sounds like a song for the cemetery.

Featured Somber Royalty Free Music

March of Remembrance

Piano Adagio

The Fallen Quintet Forte

The Return of the Warrior


Much more melodic, The Fallen Quintet Forte from the same album provides a processional-type ballad, perhaps the pall-bearers lament on the way to the grave.  In classical style, this sophisticated track blends well with the previous one.

From Orchestral Drama – Light and Dark, comes a haunting epic piece, The Return of the Warrior, which could be used for projects from Film Trailers, to Horror, to Indie Films.  In different passages this track ranges from dissonant immensity to more quietly noir, demonstrating its versatility in portraying the uncertain and sinister.

Rusko from Atmospheric Energy displays somber in a completely different realm.  This downtempo dub track uses all electronic instruments to create an eerie type of somber, which never really reaches into anything resembling sad.  Like a quiet child, who’s just naturally that way, Rusko bristles on with serious energy.

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For helping us appreciate the happy times, there’s nothing like some solemn counterpoints.  SmartSound’s Somber Royalty Free Music sets the downside mood.


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