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Party Over Here from the album Kool Kitsch Hey, hey, get your groove on with a soulful soundtrack featuring some uptown funk and powerful horns. Party Over Here is happy, exuberant and lively and will elevate your scene a few notches. Tone it down with Shed Some Light from the album Urban Drama where smooth jazz meets soul for a light, relaxing feel. Soulful instrumentals with a touch of light piano and a sensual trumpet are ideal background music to create an inner thrill.

Wake Me Up When It’s All OverSultry, soulful vocals accompany the sleek track Abyss that sets a tender mood with a cool R&B band, electric bass and brass. The album, Jade Element, also features Back And Forth—with a rich blend of ragga and soul grooves featuring light vocals. Back and Forth is a bluesy, soulful song great for dramas, indie productions or commercials with cool and sexy vocals and electric instrumentals. Whoa, one more to check out on this album and that’s Carried Away-JE; a beautiful song featuring soulful strings and an R&B band bringing a dramatic, melancholic, sadness to the tune snaring it as ideal background music for a conflicted heroine or sad villain.

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