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Southern Blues Music is a staple of many types of video as well as video games. With tremendous variety in beat, tempo, and even instrumentation, this broad category can fill many roles. Ranging from slow and soulful to fast and rockin’, just about any scene can benefit from the pure emotion shown in these tracks. A quick sample of tracks available include:

    Featured Southern Blues Music

    Rollin’ Blues

    Saturday Night Blues

    Peach Street

    Goin’ Downtown

    Deep South

  • Rollin’ Blues from the album Rockin’ Country (PS37) is a country/folk style of Southern Blues that is perfect for documentaries, nature, and home videos. It is fast and fun with raw, bluesy acoustic guitar and electric guitar, with a rich instrumental background.
  • Indies, shorts, and commercials are the perfect projects for Saturday Night Blues on the album All About The Blues. It’s lively beat is driven by electric guitars and a pop rock overtone while still being fundamentally bluesy.
  • Peach Street, also from the album Rockin’ Country (PS37) is a much more traditional-sounding Southern Blues track, yet is punchy and raw. It has a great instrument mix that includes electric guitar, of course, but also includes the distinctive sound of dobros, a wood-bodied single-cone resonator type of guitar that you have to hear to believe.
  • Goin’ Downtown from the album Just Blues is a soulful southern blues track with confident instrumentals that include a touch of pop/rock blended perfectly with violin and traditional blues instrumentals. This bluesy track is lazy and leisurely, perfect accompaniment to bar scenes and travel scenes alike.
  • Deep South from the album Thematic Essentials is traditional country blues music. Yes, it has a dobro playing. Yes, it has harmonica. This blues track is soulful and honest, making it a great choice for indie films and short films with a rural backdrop.
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Of course, these are just five tracks that show the range of styles you’ll find at SmartSound in a search for southern blues music. Royalty-free music and award-winning, patented technology guarantee you’ll find what you are looking for among SmartSound’s many thousands of royalty-free tracks.

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