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Viva la Difference

Specialty Music is meant to be different, to add a dimension of the unusual, unreal or surreal as it snaps, crackles and pops with musical fireworks. Specialty Music is often riddled with special effects or instrumentation not generally heard in pop, contemporary, disco, Western or other forms of music. Consider the use of cellos, xylophones, synths and soaring strings which all add richness to a soundtrack not found with classical piano or acoustic guitar.

Featured Specialty Royalty Free Music

Cold Case

Direct Influence

Westward Bound

Future Calling

Grease the Wheel

Character Study

Cold Case on the album Character Study is a brooding, dramatic and sparse track with ethereal and foreboding undertones heralding intrigue, tension and suspense. In fact, the entire album is a fantastic collection of dramatic tracks ideal for a specialty production. Direct Influence is a driving, pulsing and insistent soundtrack which dances along with dramatic and striving, up-tempo strings and propels this tune to a tense climax. Skip to Westward Bound and enjoy an earthy, mysterious and surreal vibe from rockin’ drums, strings and a mysteriously driven acoustic guitar.


Case Closed

Specialty music is often diverse and expansive as it offers background music that’s meant to be heard, not hidden.Case Closed is an album with a wide range of specialty music effects beginning withFuture Calling whose swirling synths and energetic percussion create a driving, competitive track ideal for a corporate, technical or action-packed production. Crank it up with Premonition whose hard-hitting percussion and special effects create an edgy, ominous and tense soundtrack. Consider Grease the Wheel, an awesome and edgy funk-rock song that’s raw, slick and bluesy with a fresh pop rock feel.

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The Specialty Music your production requires is just a few clicks away in the SmartSound library. Regardless how short or long your scenes are, SmartSound’sTiming Control allows you to easily and seamlessly align our music with the events in your scene. Like all SmartSound features, no music experience is required. So, visit our library for your specialty music production today and have fun customizing your work.

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