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Often times, sports productions can become more exciting with newer age pop music to solidify the background. Here’s a selection of SmartSound’s library that contains pop music that’s perfect for sports:

Melodic guitar playing over straight-ahead riffs makes for an uplifting and motivational track in Change is Coming. It’s very similar to it album, Core Beyond, which combines a diverse blend of musical styles that can support almost any visual image. With a range of styles from indie rock, to hip-hop, subtly pulsing cinematic strains to high intensity trailer music, these tracks, with SmartSound’s unique customization features, will take your videos to the next level, and beyond.

High-octane guitars driving at full throttle take charge in this fun rocker, Voltage Spike, which is perfectly geared for high-action scenes and sports. Its album, Alternating Currents, contains Alternative and Pop styles- live and direct. These tracks will fuel a wide range of energetic atmospheres from regular to high test.

Featured Sports Pop Music

Change is Coming

Voltage Spike

We Are Ready

Battle for Supremacy

Olympic Hopeful

The album Primetime Pop brims with big and catchy guitar-driven anthems, perfect for all things active. From slow, big beat ballads to driving rock riffs, add some serious cool points to your project with pure, unfiltered power pop guitar. A song in particular, We Are Ready is driving and incessant, a rock statement that is ready to gear up and hit the pavement.

Battle for Supremacy is a multi-faceted, big and expansive sounding corporate instrumental. It’s ideal for underscoring big undertakings, such as sports. It’s appropriately- named album, Tough Competition (PS36) allows you to rock your production when you get down to business with this collection of determined tracks. It’s great for training videos and product promos on websites or DVD and, of course, sports productions.

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High Octane (PS27) allows for high-grade fuel for sports projects. There’s driving rock from the starting line to the checkered flag- a dose of adrenaline for any competition or action footage. One of its songs, Olympic Hopeful exudes a striving, expansive progression when going for the gold and features a thoughtful piano intro.

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