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Sports and rock music often seem synonymous with each other. The crowd’s anticipation is building and what better way is there to get emotions high like a good rock song. SmartSound’s library is full of great sports rock music that will make your production feel like a stadium that’s amped up and ready to go.

Smother Me is a raucous jam that has heavy guitar riffing, hard-hitting drums and screaming leads that give this track ferocious energy, enough to drive the intensity of a race or sports event. Its album, Core Beyond, is much of the same. It provides a diverse blend of musical styles that can support almost any visual image. With a range of styles from indie rock, to hip-hop, subtly pulsing cinematic strains to high intensity trailer music, these tracks, with SmartSound’s unique customization features, will take your videos to the next level, and beyond.

Featuring organ, brass and lead guitar, Attack Zone has a more upbeat sports vibe, ideal for victory laps or time-out interludes. Its parent album, Classic Sports is a music package for sports and sports news in multi-layer for total customization to your video. Simply type in the length of your scene then use Sonicfire Pro’s Timing Control to hit the peaks of competition and mood mapping for constructing the perfect instrument mix to compliment the story.

As its name suggests, Don’t Give Up is an inspirational rocker that can help your visual achieve its goals. In fact, its album, Turn Up the Heat is full of up-tempo rock for energetic activities and summertime fun. It’s perfect for beach and water sports, two and four wheeling plus the partying that goes with it.

Looking to end the competition right away? No Mercy is a big hardcore rocker, baring its teeth for all to see with its sinister heavy metal sound that will show the intensity of the moment. The Competitive Edge album has many tunes for sports scenes. These up-tempo tracks work great for all competition… on the ground, under water or in the air. 

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A hard-charging track powered by clean, cutting guitars, Go For It is a tension-builder to be reckoned with. Its album, Light Speed, allows you to put a charge into your productions with a bolt of ultra-high-tech rock. Featuring a blend of live guitars and mechanical rhythms, these tracks will boost your subject light years ahead of the competition. Add versatility by adjusting instrument layers to fit a variety of uses, including new media applications and a wide variety of action and sports footage.

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