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 Cutting-Edge Suspense

I love Suspenseful Background Music that leaves me perched on the edge of my seat with a scream lodged in my throat as I wait for the black-hearted, dynamic villain to appear and grip me with fear and intrigue. Yes, Suspenseful Background Music is a must for dramas, biographies, tributes, documentaries, indie films and even commercials. Thrilling music sets the backdrop for many memorable scenes; think Jack Bauer in the hit TV series 24; Jason Statham in Transporter and today’s current TV favorites—Marvel comic remakes—all ripe with Suspenseful Background Music that sets the heart on fire with its fast-moving, energetic and fear-filled pace.

Cue the OrchestraOrchestral Hues is an excellent album choice for Suspenseful Background Music with its diverse collection of tracks running the scope of mysterious and inspirational to uncertain and majestic. You’ll appreciate Marimba Snowfall as it quietly delivers a hypnotic and somber cut from a studio orchestra featuring acoustic bass, marimbas and snappy piano bursts. Marimbas add an incessant and somber beat to this toe-tapping track with its simple mix of instruments. We also like Rebuilding a Nation, a rich track also on the album Orchestral Hues. Rebuilding a Nation is inspirational and dignified as it rolls along led by rich horns and strings. A touch of innocence in the music allows emotional hopefulness as the delicate and inspiring instrumentals carry it along.

Got a Pulse?Digital Goddess from the album Ambient Pulse is rich with ethereal and hypnotic trills thanks to a downtempo electronic synthesizer. The pulsating and mysterious feel of this tune lends a futuristic intrigue to this cut ideal for a documentary, science or suspenseful scene. Click on Utopia Suburb next for a cool, calm and relaxed beat that will put your viewer in a tranquil, ambient mood. Then skip on over to iPulse and take a listen to this new age electronica track that’s a mysterious and suspenseful tune that rolls along pensively with its pulsating and powerful synthesizer.

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Underscore the danger in your scene with Suspenseful Background Music and you’ll lead your viewer right into the seat of intense, dramatic and thrilling scenes.

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