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Screams Are UsMovie producers love when viewers rip a scream or two out, grip the armrest, or otherwise squirm in their seats when viewing suspenseful scenes. And, contemporary tricks allow viewers to be more a part of the scene than ever before as special effects, 3D and more draw them into the drama, emotion and action. Suspenseful music is found in all types of productions, whether for a few moments or entire scenes. Keep your viewers intrigued with the seat-of-the-pants suspenseful music found only in SmartSound’s customizable music library.

Featured Suspenseful Background Royalty Free Music

Mantra in Blue

Make The Switch

Digital Goddess

Quantum Dream

Android Dream


Rock the IntrigueThe album Captivating Portraits brings Mantra in Blue; a tribute to all things hypnotic. This desolate, ethereal, haunting tune warns of sinister and tormented scenes to come as harps and flute fly and a fierce piano announce the arrival of threatening events. Check out the entire album; it’s a testimony to captivating and haunting melodies. Pop Make The Switch from the album Case Closed behind a spy scene and kindle your audience’s emotions with driving, energetic and dramatic music, ideal for a spy scene with its suspenseful, investigative feel.

Ambiance GaloreThe album Ambient Pulse surprises with Digital Goddess as it arrives with a haunting, hypnotic downtempo tune featuring a brooding electronic synthesizer. Quantum Dream throbs with a pulsating and suspenseful futuristic sound ideal for science, documentary or corporate productions. Android Dream on Ambient Drama is an ominous, ethereal and pulsating soundtrack ideal for action-drama productions. It’s a sneaky, tense and brooding soundtrack sure to conjure up a villain or two.

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Suspenseful background music adds key emotions to scenes of terror and intrigue and provides the audience or viewers with a front-row seat to your action and drama. Cue up suspenseful background music, whether acoustic, electronic or orchestral and allow your production to scream with SmartSound’s customizable, royalty free background music.

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