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Intros (which are also exits) are the bookends of a video or video game. They provide a sense of continuity, much like a fiction story in which the first line is the same as the last line. Bumps, on the other hand, serve the same purpose but are used between scenes — a hard edge that quickly reinforces that something new is about to happen. And of course, stingers are essentially 1-3 second sound clips used to emphasize what was just said in the video or game (“Doh!”)

Featured Suspenseful Intros

Edgy Bumpers

Reality Bumpers

Dramatic Logo 1

Dramatic Logo 2

It can be hard to find suspenseful intros, bumps and stingers, but with SmartSound’s royalty-free music search, much of that work can be done in seconds rather than hours. In seconds you can find great tracks that can be customized by length and mood to suit the needs of any suspenseful scene. A quick sampling of these tracks include:

  • Edgy Bumpers, from the album Edgy Drama TV, a collection of bumpers ideally suited to edgy drama. The track’s 11 instrument mixes include Drums & Bass, Piano & Strings, and Percussion Only, along with over half a dozen other options, to make it fit the scene perfectly.
  • Reality Bumpers, from the album Reality Drama TV, is an edgy Orchestral piece with powerful instrumentals for those competitive or action scenes, while maintaining the suspenseful backdrop of the video
  • Dramatic Logo 1 is deeply brooding, a desolate instrumental that heightens drama and suspense through excellent use of orchestra, acoustic strings, and synthesizers — among others. With nearly a dozen instrument mixes, the options are nearly limitless.
  • Dramatic Logo 2, on the other hand, is an intense track that pulsates with sinister tones and scary, haunting instrumentals. Like Dramatic Logo 1, the track is from the album, Logos and Stingers (SP05), which is chock-full of high-impact logo sequences for your video or game.
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By taking advantage of SmartSound’s award-winning technology, it is easy to find the intros, bumps and stingers needed to ratchet up audience impact for suspenseful videos and games.

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