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Suspenseful Royalty Free Music from SmartSound brings up the anxiety with pulsating electronica or somber strings, with a little Secret Agent thrown in.

Aptly named for the product line that keeps us all in suspense, iPulse from Ambient Pulse provides a futuristic atmosphere so subtle it almost seems to be not there, like the addiction you keep trying to forget (not a chance!)  Science videos, or suspense projects needing an electronic edge are good spots for this synthesizer piece.

Another Easy-Listening/New Age track, from Ethereal Dreams, called Octopus, for its multi-faceted sounds, from guitar to bass to layers of percussion creates a tense, haunting atmosphere for Suspense, or Spoken Word/Narration venues. 

Featured Suspenseful Royalty Free Music



Film Noir 3

Crucial Dossier

Surge of Power

Film Noir 3 starts out with tiptoeing strings, and all the accoutrements of intrigue from lonely trumpet to deceptively friendly saxophone.  Cinematic projects rife with uncertain edge are the place to use this sneaky, brooding theme from Richard Band Vol 7 – Scoring Suites, which also features a dovetailing Film Noir 1 and 2.

With a name like Crucial Dossier, the high-energy electronica spy track from Atmospheric Energy is ready to cover a lot of suspenseful ground, from Sports footage, to Video Games to Action-Drama filmography.  Bass guitar, and some super-catchy percussion move the suspense forward with restless purpose.

Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 5 – Rise to Power brings us mysterious suspense track Surge of Power. Using orchestra and percussion it waxes and wanes in a poignant statement; a realization of what the character is up against, and the size of his/her resources to meet it.


TV/Film spy-versus-spy projects are great venues for SmartSound’s Suspenseful Royalty Free Music.  For the creative, quirky home videos are another location for their sparse solemnity. 

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