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Commercials are 15-60 second mini-stories that have to get to point in mere seconds, SmartSound TV Commercial Music offers fast and rich scene-setting backgrounds, so you can sell the idea over the course of a few breaths.

Use On My Way-JE from album Jade Element to describe the dreary “before” transportation scene in a TV car commercial with a little angst-infused vocals such as “riding this train till it sets me free.” –then segue to energizing release with the heroic strains of Approaching the Gates, from motivating Will to Succeed.  Bold brass, especially trumpet and trombone resurrect vehicular joy with panache.

Featured TV Commercial Music

On My Way-JE

Approaching the Gates

Solitude – JH

Slow Pulse

Space Cowboy

If your message leans heavily on a heartwarming atmosphere, along the lines of the tear-tugging commercials for calling home of a few seasons past, Joakim Horsley’s tender track, Solitude – JH from Indie Score fills the requirements.  Acoustic guitar and piano join studio orchestra in a consistently tranquil song.

From Urban Drama, Slow Pulse keeps the tone pensive and sad throughout.  Might fit in well with a public service announcement about homeless teens or lonely seniors.  Single note piano melodies emphasize aloneness, like a listless player passing time in a nearly empty bar, populated by only the usual breakfast drinkers.  

Space Cowboy from Ultra Pop starts out with a tinkly synthesizer segment, then adds quirky electronic elements for an updated dance-style track; futuristic, yet campy and upbeat in its own way

Despite the downside of having to hear the commercials over and over in an evening, TV ads have become entertaining in and of themselves.  Add substance to your tiny epics with bold, inspiring selections from SmartSound, or tantalizing calm within the storm of selling.

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