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Upbeat Music, particularly when it features a versatile synthesizer, can knock a scene into outer space and beyond as it dials up effects that mimic horns, trumpets, grand pianos, marimbas, chimes and more. A truly talented synth player can easily imitate other instruments or generate unique new sounds. The creative facets synthesizers bring to music often enhance the overall quality of the composition as they add sounds that typical small bands don’t generally produce.

Featured Upbeat Synthesized Royalty Free Music

Burning Hot

We Believe in Science

Perpetual Need

Future Past

Space Cowboy

Burning Hot on the album Updraft is a lively, pulsating and punchy track that offers bass, chimes, drums, synth and some fun guitar work. Often heard backing tech videos or commercials, upbeat music helps the viewer get involved in the drama. We Believe in Science on Updraft is an inspiring, refreshing and hopeful tune with a cool pop rock upbeat with acoustic piano, bells and chimes. Overall, this album is fresh, creative and ideal for scenes of activity.

Dub your StepFor a captivating futuristic trance-like track that’s extremely upbeat, check out Perpetual Need on the album Dubstep. Haunting, angelic vocals accompany a striving synthesizer in this energetic tune.

Future Past on Ultra Pop features popping percussion and a fun synth that brings out cool, sleek, club sounds with an upbeat electronic piano. Space Cowboy is a fresh take on a dance track driven by urban electronic and a rousing synth. Space Magic on Aesthetics: New Rock is another electronica version of a pop rock band with a driving electric guitar and upbeat synthesizer driving a fierce and punchy tune.

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There is no end to scenes which can benefit from Upbeat Music; James Bond movies wouldn’t be the same if Brahms Lullaby was playing in the background during a chase scene. Yes, sometimes you’ve just got to jet your scene to the top of the charts and you’ll find the perfect Upbeat Music you’re looking for in the expansive SmartSound library. Take a spin through our customizable soundtracks and be inspired by the myriad of choices we offer.

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