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The Upright Bass has come to signify powerful visual images in film and video and this collection of 10 scores delivers. Coolness masking a complexity of character, navigating the unknown with calm confidence, isolated but in control, smooth yet determined; these and many other personal attributes are often ideally scored with an upright bass component. This multi-layer album and SmartSound technology give you full control, especially over the mix and Moods, to personify the cool, singular strength of your video’s product or characters.

Album Tracks

After Touch

Smooth with a funky upright bass groove, light textures and introspective piano creates a cool and mellow feel.

Bone Daddy

Rhythmic, groovy and driving with a 70’s motown feel, Rhodes piano and funk bass create a positive yet playful feel.

Bridge To Nowhere

Bouncy and playful with a Bluesy, Shuffle feel and warm organ creates a confident mood.

Edge Of The Planet

This bouncy and rhythmic track contains elements of Calypso and Salsa by incorporating montuno piano lines and clave creating an energetic mood.


Warm and mellow with a loungy feel goes well with a Martin and a relaxed mood.

Empty Surprise

Warm and reflective with light percussion and bass offer a sentimental and introspective mood.


Bouncy and dark with Jazzy bass and ghoulish organ textures create a sneaky and sinister mood in the spirit of Halloween.

No Frills

Bouncy and light with Jazzy upright bass and piano create a lazy yet playful feel.

Nothing To Hide

A laidback groove with emphasis on funk upright bass creates a cool and confident mood.

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Dark and mysterious with an underlying funky feel in the spirit of Halloween.

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