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Video games set in a modern, urban environment are all the rage, but it isn’t easy to find royalty-free music for background tracks and for developing scene emotions in the players. SmartSound makes this a snap, however, with its vast library of nearly infinitely-customizable music.

Featured Urban Video Game Music

Mobius Funk

The Big Deep

Sneaky Affair

Alternate Reality

Bad Habits

  • Background Tracks — Mobius Funk from the album Edge Breakbeat Multi-Layer is a great example of an urban-themed background track. Its funky electronic beats are backed up by a great bass line, and with five Variations and 11 Instrument Mix choices, the same track can be tweaked to fit beginning, middle, and end-game play. Selecting the Madhouse variant gives a very different feel than the default Bonzo variant, all while keeping the scenes tightly integrated thematically – it’s the same funky beat, but brings out a different sensation.
  • Slaughter Time – A mainstay of video games; for those intense, heart-pounding shootout scenes, consider The Big Deep from the album Edge Breakbeat Multi-Layer. Kick the Variant over to Pound and the instrument mix to Drums & Bass for those scenes where the character is engaging in serious badassery.
  • Sneaking Around – Sometimes the character has to sneak into a warehouse, or try to follow a minor character without being seen, to catch ‘em slippin’. Sneaky Affair from the album Power Play is one choice for these scenes. To add some tension, just click over to the Sneaker variant with the Rhythm instrument mix. With five Variants and 14 Instrument Mixes, you’re sure to find something to suit the scene.
  • Party Time, Excellent! – What’s an urban-themed game without a club scene? Players need somewhere to strut their stuff and show off their wads of cash. What better track than Alternate Reality from the album Club Scene? It’s great in default, but with six Variants and nine Instrument Mixes, you can shift the tempo throughout the club scene to keep it fresh and interesting.
  • The Hero Falls – So, the PC is surrounded by rival gangs, cops, or upset store clerks, and furious button mashing can’t save him or her this time! The game needs a good death scene track players will remember. Developers couldn’t go wrong with the Strategy variant of the song, Bad Habits, off the album Urban Drama, although it would also make a good track for driving scenes.
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Developers need an assortment of urban-themed music for a variety of purposes, but with SmartSound’s award-winning technology, finding the right track for each, and keeping them thematically correct, is as easy as a search, selecting a variant, and choosing an instrument mix. The tracks can be adjusted for length with only a mouse click so perfectly fit cut scenes, as well.

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