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 Video games are often defined by the graphics that they provide but, just like any good movie, they also needs the heart-pounding action music to add to the scene. SmartSound has a diverse array of video game action music that is sure to add to any production you choose to place it in: 

As it sure to happen in some games, the double-entendre song Rampage is perfect for those intense moments when the enemy jumps out of the corner and startles you. Dramatic drum accents fearlessly flow into an accelerated action sequence with unstoppable strings that offset with fantastical electronic sounds. Best yet, the song features a super-intense, powerful ending. Its album, Massive Edge Orchestral, is much of the same action. It’s an intense cinematic exploration of big-sound music layered with electronic textures ranging from low growls, huge sweeps, digital flutters and syncopated spasms. Huge drums and backbeats match the big-orchestra sound and electronics for heroic climaxes juxtaposed with the dark and dramatic.

Featured Video Game Action Music


Enemy at the Gates

Deadline for Duty

Trial by Fire

Annihilation Suite

Is your protagonist about to charge the fortified walls? Try the epic Enemy at the Gates track on for size. This orchestral powerhouse packs a big-screen sound and will engulf your audience in the scene. It hails from the Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 3 – Dynamic Scoring album which contains grand scale orchestral cues that feature a dynamic range of soaring melodies and thunderous heroic action music: Breathtaking, beautiful, strong and mysterious. In combination with Sonicfire Pro’s Timing Control and Mood Mapping features, these cues will find a world of unlimited uses for your most demanding scenes.

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The prequel to the last album, Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol 2 – Action, Emotion also brings the intensity. From heart tugging strings and ethereal magic to action film trailer music, this album has it all; live orchestra and chorus, pounding percussion, ethnic touches, tingling synths and shredding guitar. A great example of heart-pounding action music is encapsulated in the Deadline for Duty track on this album. This apocalyptic orchestral assault will have your audience at the edge of their seats.

Trial by Fire is more of the same great action music. Menacing drums rule this rattling, thunderous soundtrack. With a brooding, tribal beginning, the track then settles in for a full-tilt chase scene. Its album, Theatrical Impact is a collection of heart-pounding ominous soundtracks ideal for hard-hitting movie trailers and video games. Use the huge gothic choirs and vast percussion to grab hold of your audience’s emotions.

Finally, the Annihilation Suite is the perfect way to end this list of fantastic action music tracks. In it, cautious moments give way to intense chase scenes in this varied dramatic soundtrack. Action and suspense define this set of filmic, fully orchestrated album, Action Packed: Thriller & Suspense (PS58). The tracks are perfect for thrill-packed trailers, video games and fast-paced cinema. Sonicfire Pro’s Timing Control feature will let you easily mark the action by placing musical peaks exactly where you want them.

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