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Your video game character is slowly creeping around corridors of cold stone with no signs of trouble. Just as they make the last turn, BAM! A giant three-headed monster jumps out with the intention of shredding them. Your adrenaline races as your character fights for their life. The soundtrack to this mayhem is SmartSound’s music — made just for video game horror scenes. Here’s just a small slice:

Use these cues from the album Tales of Horror (PS33) to jangle the nerves. Eerie and ethereal with dissonant strings, this album is defined by creepy effects and stabbing brass punctuation to make you afraid…very afraid. One of its tunes, Scourge, is a pulse-quickening track that will propel your scary video game to its final conclusion. Pummeling percussion tell a tale of impending danger ahead.

Featured Video Game Horror Music


Dawn of Doom

The Sin

Tormented Heroes


With the song Dawn of Doom, a pulsating percussion, deep choir and rising strings brings tension and excitement to your story, evoking action and suspense along the way. Its album, Core Beyond, contains a diverse blend of musical styles that can support almost any visual image. Included is a range of styles from indie rock, to hip-hop, subtly pulsing cinematic strains to high intensity trailer music.

Explore the cutting edge of music with this album, Dubstep, designed for contemporary visual applications. Otherworldly sounds interact with jagged shards of rhythm to create a perfect complement to powerful new imagery. One of its most horrific songs, in a good way, is The Sin which has a heavy opener that leads to piercing sound layered on top of a solid backbeat. All of SmartSound’s great capabilities are available in this music to help you weave it precisely to your story line.

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Your listeners will be on the edge of their seat, or curling up in it, as they listen to Tormented Heroes. In it, an eerie and ominous beginning evolves into a pulsing, dangerous backdrop, then reducing to an Exorcist bell-like ending. Its album, Cinematic Exploration allows listeners to experience a masterful collection of superb, rich and nuanced orchestral writing for cinema from one of SmartSound’s most popular composers. Additionally, diverse cinematic moods are depicted throughout this album featuring live orchestra.

Stunning orchestral tracks for a variety of film and video productions define the album A Breath of Fresh Air. The power of these beautifully composed multi-layer pieces can be magnified and brought to bear on your video through the various features in Sonicfire Pro and, because of their complexity, are particularly suited to Mood Mapping. Just one of its great tracks, Persecution is a dramatic countdown to major action in this suspenseful and sinister orchestral track.

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