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A singer in a jazz tune can add a whole new element to either a slow, silky number or a fast, racing beat that has the ability to blow you back with its huge sound. It’s hard to imagine what great jazz songs would have sounded like without vocalists like Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and others at the front. SmartSound channels some of the greats of yesteryear with its vocal jazz collection – it is sure to truly reach listeners with the added instrument of the voice.

Featured Vocal Jazz Music

Satin Seduction

Traveling Light

Back and Forth

Hour Glass

Move On

Cool, urbane, suave and elegant big-city sophistication are only a few of the ways to describe Satin Seduction. Smooth and sultry, this cut takes it easy but entices with its flowing vocals. It features a sexy bass solo, jazz piano and close-talking rhythm from guitar and drums that has the ability to keep the listener hypnotized. Its album, Narrative Impulse showcases crisp and confident recordings, perfectly balanced for contemporary visual themes. With themes ranging from smooth jazz to world beat, this flavorful collection has as much depth and sophistication as your audience.

For a light, mellow piece, consider Traveling Light. This tune is a smooth and relaxing latin piece, good for ‘elevator music’ applications, or anywhere needing easy-going background. Its parent album Bossa/Retro/Cool (PS07) is comprised of a cool collection of bossanovas, chill-out, and easy-listening tracks. This fun round of tunes ranges from easy-going background to campy retro to slick chill-out. Easily gives you the ability to highlight your cool, light, or campy moments with some loungy bossanovas.

Finally, an album called The Jade Element holds some tracks we’d like to highlight. Smooth and cool, San Diego based Jade Element’s Nu R&B is spiced with a taste of funk, soul and just a tad of gospel in the mix. This Voxation album makes available the full complement of Sonicfire Pro features for quick and easy track customization in all of your video applications. The songs Back and Forth, Hour Glass and Move On will bridge your listeners from one era of jazz to another. These songs are futuristic but pull from its roots of original jazz to create a mind-blowing fusion of music unlike any other.

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