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Check out The Wayfarer from the album Fun Times for an adventurous track. This beauty has 15 instrument mixes and three fun variations: vagabond, lonesome and dusty trail. Majestic vistas open as a driving, whistling melody creates an upbeat, reflective theme. For a mesmerizing mix of hip hop and western, you’ve got to check out Spaghetti Westcoast for an electronic Western score that’s haunting, hypnotic and pulsating; think of it as Western trance music ideal for commercials, reality scenes or home videos.

Romance Divino on the album Indie Film Fest is a touching composition that whispers dance-with-me and lends itself well to a romantic, outdoorsy Western scene with its Latin-themed music rich with percussion and strings. Romance Divino is emotionally driven and conveys a reflective, sensual mood to the background.

Another whistler is A Distant Past rife with eerie drama and mystery from the reflective blend of piano, flute and gentle percussion. It’s a tune about lost love, lonesome trails and dusty boots. It’s a pensive, somber and melancholy soundtrack that’s reminiscent of days long gone. Also check out Feels like the Wind on the album Story Arc (PS40) for a desolate western soundtrack that conjures visions of the Gunfight at the OK Corral. A documentary, spoken word or narrative piece would shine with Feels like the Wind.

Adding high quality, unique musical flavor is a must to achieve high production value. Great musical scores which complement scenes is the ticket to success and SmartSound’s expansive music library has just the right Western Musical score for you. Our royalty free, award-winning, patented music technology allows you to customize our music just the way you want it. Dial the vocals, instruments, and even those whistlers, up or down and cue the music to the exact place you want it every time. Our music—your way.

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