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Right Foot Forward opens with a bellowing oboe, vibrant strings and delicate bells and quickly becomes quirky, fun and fast with a comical feel. The same album, Fantasy, Magic & Suspense, also features Shining Moment—a fun, whimsical orchestral romp, ideal for kids’ productions. It’s driving and spirited and full of magical instrumentation.

Land of WonderThe album, Land of Wonder has excellent tracks, including Creepy Critters, a whimsical orchestral piece that’s creepy, sneaky, mysterious and quirky and great for an animated or fantasy production. The album also features Hijinks Ahoy with a driving, energetic and goofy theme that will appeal to kids, background video and gaming productions. It’s a snap-happy track that bounces whimsically along.

Tender and HappyLittle Steps is background music ideally suited to a kids’ project with plucky strings that mischievously tip-toe alongside a cheerful flute and delicate instrumentation. This innocent track is light and tender as is Night Mischief from the album Land of Wonder. Night Mischief wows with a driving, mysterious and whimsical theme that brings a fast-paced, sneaky mood to your production with its driving drums, quirky xylophone and rolling keys.

Magic in the MusicMagic, wonder and intrigue are found in whimsical orchestra music. When it accompanies the Nutcracker or Swan Lake balletic productions, you feel like a fairy, a sprite, a magical knight or a swan drifting on the water; the music brings the scene to life; no words are necessary.

Whatever music your production requires, SmartSound has a unique collection of royalty free background music to make your scenes shine. Check out our extensive library and remember that you can customize any track you like to the length and feel of your scene while dialing up or down the instrumentation.

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